Armed citizen foils mass shooting:

by JD Rucker

This is a story you will probably hear about because if you’re reading NOQ Report, chances are good you’re a patriot with your finger on the pulse of conservative news in America. It’s a story that is being widely covered by right-leaning media, though progressive legacy media is clearly hoping to suppress it. Why? Because instead of another mass shooting at another Walmart carried out by an assailant with a scary gun (something that would have reinforced the narrative they’re currently pushing), the end result is no deaths, a suspect in custody, and an off-duty firefighter with a concealed-carry firearm to thank for this positive outcome.

The “good guy with a gun” scenario is invariably suppressed by leftist media. Read the rest HERE.

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1 Response to Armed citizen foils mass shooting:

  1. Joe Z says:

    Good guy with gun stops bad guy. This happens way more than you would imagine. However, you might think it never happens at all if you listened to the “mainstream” media.

    Many years ago I managed multiple service stations for Shell Oil Company in south Michigan. Shell employed work-release prisoners from Milan Prison. The idea was to assist these prisoners to transition back into society so they could do real-world jobs. Talking with these guys I discovered one central theme. They avoided men, women or homes where they thought the potential victim was “packing heat”. They all wanted “easy targets”.

    I still have some friends who do not understand the simple concept that their lives are safer because guys like me and millions of other American patriots are “packing heat”. There are millions of would be break-ins and attacks nation wide each year that NEVER OCCUR because some of us are armed. You will never, ever, ever hear or read this TRUTH in the lefty media.

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