Mark Levin: Democrats Avoid all Media Scrutiny

In this brief clip from Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Mark talks about the media’s treatment of President Trump after the alleged suicide of human trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, while giving prominent Democrats a pass. Levin says that Epstein donated large sums of money to Chuck Schumer, John Kerry, Bill Richardson, George Mitchell, but the Media is more concerned with President Trump’s tweets.

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2 Responses to Mark Levin: Democrats Avoid all Media Scrutiny

  1. The Flash says:

    DUH!!! The MSM are the drooling lapdogs of the DNC, so what else could you expect? Even Fox isn’t determined enough to hit Dems hard on their screw-ups. WTH?

  2. Joe Z says:

    The LSD media won’t investigate members of the Liberal Socialist Democrat Party. Wow, I’m baffled by that. OK, not really.

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