San Francisco School Board Gets Woke

Board decides not to paint over historic George Washington Mural, but will cover it with panels that show “the heroism of people of color in America, how we have fought against, and continue to battle discrimination, racism, hatred, and poverty” a proposal suggested by the board president said – Stay Woke.

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2 Responses to San Francisco School Board Gets Woke

  1. The Flash says:

    Liberals just LOVE to re-write history! How else can they avoid taking responsibility fo all the MANY disasters that their policies perpetrate? Just watch a liberal’s face when you bring up all of Obama’s lies about Obamacare! Benghazi? What’s that? Savage is right, liberalism IS a mental disorder.

  2. Joe Z says:

    If they really wanted to battle discrimination, racism, hatred and poverty their solution is simple. Leave the mural of GW untouched, stop voting DemocRat and start voting Republican. However, then their problems would be solved and thousands of useless DemocRats would be out of overpaid government jobs.

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