Brooke Goldstein: “Banning Tlaib & Omar From Israel is What I Call a NO BRAINER”

by Brooke Goldstein

“Banning Tlaib and Omar from Israel is what I call a NO BRAINER. What country in the WORLD would allow in a government official that openly advocates and works for the destruction of that country!? Every STATE agrees, no matter democratic or fascist, that a state has the sovereign right to determine who they let in their border. The double standard for Israel is bigotry. Israel made a calculation, these women are a threat and they have every right to refuse their entry.

The false outrage is RIDICULOUS.

The United States makes the determination EVERY DAY who can enter and who can not be based on national security. The US banned Palestinian official Hanna Ashwari in 2012. Italy has banned PFLP leader Leila Khaled. Remember when Israeli officials couldn’t travel to Europe out of fear of an arrest warrant!? If Israel banned neo-Nazi David Duke I don’t think we would be hearing the same outcry”

Read Goldstein’s op-ed HERE.

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