You Should Totally Trust Our Elite Institutions…Not

by Kurt Schlichter

All you crazy kooks who doubt our accomplished and selfless elite and the institutions our elites manage are crazy kooks, willing participants in crazy kooky conspiracy theories that are both crazy and kooky. Also, Donald Trump was totally a Russian agent who did lines of emoluments off a hooker’s tummy alongside Putin in Moscow.

You look at something like America’s most notorious prisoner, Jeffrey Epstein, suddenly gacking himself in federal custody after having tried to do it a couple weeks ago, and you’re not wrong for wondering if maybe there’s a bit more to the tale than some short eyed strange-o choking himself out. After all, he was known to cavort with other elite pervs – mostly Democrats and at least one married to Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit. Certainly, it’s a reasonable possibility – probably the most likely possibility – that he opted for asphyxiation since his future was distinctly dank going forward. His new friends in the slam would be a bit old and male for his taste. Read the rest HERE.

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2 Responses to You Should Totally Trust Our Elite Institutions…Not

  1. The Flash says:

    And yet, neither of these two criminals are in prison!

  2. Joe Z says:

    There are a whole boat load of crooks who need to go to prison. If they don’t, AG Barr will have failed the American people miserably. Yes, I send “contact the…” emails to Barr and Trump at least monthly. Do you think they would get the message if millions of conservatives did the same? I think they would.

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