Bernie’s Off His Rocker

“We will go to war against white nationalism and racism in every aspect of our lives.”

This is what Bernie Sanders said he’d do if elected president. Big government loves to start ridiculous wars. We had LBJ’s war on poverty, Ford’s war on inflation, and then Reagan’s war on drugs. But a war on white nationalism and racism?

Bernie said he’d conduct it by any means necessary, including the issuance of executive orders. He will force you not to be a racist! Oh yeah, he gets to define what racism is, and the insult is usually assigned to those who disagree with his socialism. Read the rest HERE.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    Bernie is nuts. Yet many young people, brainwashed by socialist teachers, communist professors and having very little real-world experience would vote for him. The Department of Education and these socialist and commie “educators” need to be axed. I’m wondering when Trump is going to replace useless Betsy DeVos with someone who will shut down the D of E. Hey Trump, DeVos is just another one of your stupid picks. The longer the D of E exists, the more young comrades it will crank out. Duhhh.

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