Birthright Citizenship and the Fourteenth Amendment

In the below excerpt from Mark Levin’s best-selling book, Liberty and Tyranny (2009), Levin explains why the Fourteenth Amendment was never intended to confer United States citizenship on everyone who happened to be born within the boundaries of the United States:

But does the 14th Amendment grant automatic citizenship to children of illegal aliens? The relevant part of the amendment reads that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States.“ This language requires more than birth within the United States. The amendment’s purpose was to grant citizenship to the emancipated slaves, who were born in the United States an old soul allegiance to it. Native Americans were also subject to tribal jurisdiction were excluded from citizenship. There is no legislative history supporting the absurd proposition that the 14th Amendment was intended to empower illegal alien parents to confer American citizenship on their own babies merely as a result of their birth in the United States. Foreign visitors and diplomats are not subject to American district jurisdiction. Illegal aliens are subject to the jurisdiction of their home country, as are their children whether they were born in their home country or the United States.


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