President Swalwell’: Lewandowski Mocks Congressman During Impeachment Hearing

by Shelby Talcott

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski mocked Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell’s failed 2020 Democratic candidacy, calling him “President Swalwell” during Tuesday’s impeachment inquiry.

Lewandowski testified before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday regarding an impeachment inquiry about President Donald Trump’s potential obstruction of justice. He was told by the White House to speak about any conversation with the president or senior presidential advisers that were not mentioned in former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, according to White House counsel Pat Cipollone.

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2 Responses to President Swalwell’: Lewandowski Mocks Congressman During Impeachment Hearing

  1. Joe Z says:

    It sounds like Corey has more guns than “President” Swallowswell has brains. Isn’t it wonderful how our tax dollars are wasted by government bozos who accomplish nothing. Yet, there’s just “no money” to build the border wall that would actually protect American lives and jobs.

    • The Flash says:

      C’mon Joe, you know what’s REALLY important – Democrats seizing and holding power. Any possible benefit to the WORKING American people is an unintended byproduct. I defy any Democrat or liberal out there to name ONE item that the Democrat-controlled House has passed that benefits the average American. Just one – I’ll wait…………….

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