Biden Ukraine Debacle Means Nobody in Deep State Ever Going to Jail

by Daniel Wiseman

The Biden-Ukraine-China “whistleblower” impeachment charade forces an uncomfortable conclusion: Nobody, absolutely nobody, is going to jail for the Russia-Collusion Hoax.

How do we know all of a sudden that nobody from the Deep State is going to jail for what has been called “SpyGate,” AND that the Trump presidency now hangs by a thread? Because by asking the government of Ukraine to begin a formal investigation of Hunter Biden’s lucrative deal with an energy company there, President Trump has done the unthinkable: he has challenged Washington’s influence-peddling culture, and there is no political constituency for this type of self-examination and reform.

This is either the president’s bravest move ever, or the equivalent of “Stepping on the Third Rail”

In other words, the slight Republican majority in the U.S. Senate where an impeachment trial would take place and would assuredly be defeated, now looks significantly more tenuous. Why? Because railing against the Deep State tyranny is good GOP politics, but rare is the GOP senator who is not waiting to “cash in” in the same fashion as then Vice President Joe Biden did for himself and his son Hunter Biden in questionable deals with a Ukrainian energy company and a $1 billion private equity contract with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China. Read the rest HERE.

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  1. Susan says:

    Well, this really took the wind out of my optimistic sail. 🙁

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