Tucker: Trump Refused to Bow to Intelligence Agencies

On Thursday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, on Fox News, Carlson talks about how President Donald Trump has stood up to the Deep State, especially the intelligence community, and how they have joined together to take him down since day one.

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2 Responses to Tucker: Trump Refused to Bow to Intelligence Agencies

  1. Joe Z says:

    Let’s see, our duly-elected president Trump is supposed to bow down and allow himself to be controlled by the Deep State. Schumer has worked in government for, I believe, his entire life. And sadly, THAT’S the way government bureaucrats think. The people are subjects to be ruled by the bureaucrats and the people better not step out of line. Our founders fought the Revolutionary War to create a nation where the people controlled the government. If the government thugs ever grab our guns, we are really screwed.

  2. Bill Boykin says:

    Everlasting praise. Pray he achieves this mission.

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