AG William Barr and Atty. Durham Closing in on the Obama, Brennan Coup Plotters

by L.J. Keith

WASHINGTON, DC: As the Schiff Pelosi “whistleblower” Ukraine impeachment hoax fizzles, what really has Democrats terrified is William Barr. Barr and John Durham have been visiting Italy, Australia, and Great Britain looking for evidence about the origins of the Russia Hoax. They have found a lot of it. In the coming weeks John Brennan is supposed to sit down with John Durham.

Brennan is said to be nervous about the Durham investigation. He ought to be.

Barr, Durham and the ‘Whistleblower” hoax

Only when Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey and the central players in the inner circle of the Obama White House are held accountable and brought to justice for the attempted coup against Donald Trump will the American people finally know that justice has been done. That is what terrifies Democrats.

It is also why Democrats and the Deep State are attempting to gin up yet another well-calculated impeachment scandal with the Ukrainian “whistleblower” hoax.  Where the ‘whistleblower” consulted with Adam Schiff’s staff up to a month before the initial complaint was filed. Read the rest of this article and important links HERE.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    Barr and Durham are closing in on the coup plotters. I hope so. However, so far Barr has been in office for over seven months and I haven’t seen much. If Barr and company do not put a whole bunch of lawbreakers in prison, this country will be pretty much toast.

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