Michigan Union Worker Dumps Biden, Endorses Trump Live on CNN In Response to Ukraine Hoax

CNN interviewed a union worker who dismissed impeachment as nothing more than a political stunt.

by Richard Moorhead

A Michigan union auto worker devastated CNN’s official narrative in a segment on the network Saturday, explaining that the Democrats’ latest impeachment hoax had convinced him to switch his support to President Donald Trump from Joe Biden.

John Scantze is a Michigan automobile manufacturing worker taking part in the union strikes against outsourcing, poor wages, and the devastation of the state’s middle class economy by corporate oligarchs and multinational corporations such as General Motors.

Unions members sometimes tend to trend left on economic policy, but their positions in support of American workers have long since been abandoned by the Democratic Party, which now stands in league with the massive globo-corporations that profit from mass immigration, outsourcing, and automation. Read the rest HERE.



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