Tucker: Steve Kerr Moonlights as a Political Pundit ♦ Whitlock: NIKE Controls the NBA

On Thursay’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker blasts the dismissal of China’s human rights abuses by Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr. His guest, FS-1’s Jason Whitlock then goes on to explain his view, and a very plausible one, that NIKE controls the NBA. Some brief transcript excerpts:

Tucker Carlson: Steve Kerr is the coach of the Golden State Warriors basketball team in the state of California. In his spare time, Kerr moonlights as a political pundit and is happy to share his hot take on American politics. He is like a one man twitter.

The president is a racist he will say, and you have too many guns. And people around him applaud. He thinks he is brave for saying things that not a single person in their world disagrees with. It’s not bravery at all. It’s cowardice. Someone asked Steve Kerr what he thinks of the government of China, the largest police state in the history of the human race. Maybe because the NBA does a great deal of business in China, but Kerr was flummoxed by the question. Fascism or Democracy. “It’s a tough choice,” he said, “I don’t want to weigh in.”

Jason Whitlock: Tucker, I really want to put you and your audience on the cutting edge of this discussion. Stick with me here. I’m going to try to clean this up: It’s very simple actually. Nike is in control of basketball the NBA, college basketball, high school. Nike is the real “person” driving this conversation and this thing with China.

If you go back to not much connected to politics in 2015 in May of 2015, President Barack Obama went to Nike’s headquarters in Portland Oregon. Yes and announced his defense of the TPP Trans-Pacific Partnership. That’s right. A great deal that was going to be very favorable for Nike, for China. Who’s the president that came after Obama and walked America away from the TPP? Donald Trump.

Who is the shoe company that employs LeBron James Colin Kaepernick and these other athletes that smear Donald Trump as racist? Who are the people constantly criticizing Donald Trump? NBA Steve Kerr, Gregg Popovich. The NBA answers to Nike. Nike say a 40 billion dollar business. The NBA is an eight billion dollar business.

President Obama, the basketball president, friendly relationship with the NBA, went to Nike’s headquarters to announce his defense of the TPP. This thing is very simple. This is about money, this is about a president that won’t cooperate with what Nike once done Nike is using the NBA and its leverage over the NBA to go after this guy because they disagree with him about his policies as it relates to trade in China that is a very fascinating that is a fascinating story and I guess it makes you wonder…

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  1. Joe Z says:

    Let’s see, Alex Jones said ten years ago, five years ago and today that Communist China is trying to control and then destroy America. The media “experts” largely said Jones was crazy. From time to time his presentations can be quite vociferous and so he may appear nutty. However, way more often than not, Alex Jones is right on the mark. Check out Infowars.com.

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