Snit Romney

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

by Kurt Schlichter

I want my vote back, Mitt. Give me back my vote.

In 2012, I voted for this insufferable establishment icon, this inept goof who the Democrats wish every Republican would emulate. Some nights, I wake up sweating and screaming when I relive it in my nightmares. I should have taken my ballot, lit it on fire and flushed it down the Schiffhole.

But Romney does serve a purpose, as hard as that is to see through his pathetic antics. His perpetual groveling for approval – including, hilariously, from Donald Trump himself who just broke him right in front of our eyes over the Secretary of State gig – is so shameful and cringe-iliciously embarrassing that it obscures the vital role this shiny doofus can play for conservatism.

He’s a perfect conservative cautionary example.

This is Mitt. 

Mitt’s a loser. 

Don’t be like Mitt.

Let’s review the storied resume of Willard “Mitt” Romney as a way to understand exactly why he is political strychnine to the conservative movement. If a council of learned scholars sought to create the most utterly hateable, totally unrelatable caricature of what a Republican is, their final product would be this Jeb!-like golem. Read the rest HERE.


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2 Responses to Snit Romney

  1. Joe Z says:

    Lord Mittens got beat by the worst president in U.S. history. Now he’s jealous of Trump and throws a weekly anti-Trump tantrum.

  2. Susan Galt says:

    Joe, that was awesome! Another lesson is to never trust the establishment. If we would have elected Mittens, we never would have known how bad DC really was and keep the cancer growing but not as miserably as we did with Obummer. Drain the swamp, cut out the cancer and We the People will prosper bringing the rest of the world with us.

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