James Baker Flips and Sydney Powell Lowers the Boom

by David Blackmon

Has ex-FBI General Counsel James Baker turned state’s evidence in the Barr/Durham criminal probe? – You be the judge.

Last night, Ned Ryun, CEO and Founder of American Majority, appeared on One America News with host Jack Posobiec. The interview covered yesterday’s epic evidentiary tour de force in the Gen. Mike Flynn trial [more on that later] by badass attorney Sydney Powell and ended with Ryun’s startling claim that multiple former FBI/DOJ officials have confirmed to him that Baker is now a cooperating witness with Barr and Durham. Here is the video clip of that interview, followed by a transcript:
Read the rest HERE.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    I’m hoping Baker has flipped and Barr and Durham can pick off the rats as they try to flee their sinking ship. Then those rats can be indicted, convicted and imprisoned. If this does happen, America will be a much better place.

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