Never-Ever-Trumper Unknowingly Explains Impeachment Is Over Weak Democrat Field

by Rod Thomson

It makes so much more sense now. When Never-Ever-Ever Trumper, gay liberal Andrew Sullivan, thinks no one in the current Democrat field can beat President Trump in 2020, it’s easier to understand the impeachment furor over a phone call and the raw, unmasked media partisanship.

Sullivan’s New York Magazine take, which I largely agree with in the analysis, summarized:

• Biden has real strength in the Democratic Party, but his candidacy in a general election is “crippled.” Biden’s crowd size and enthusiasm levels are “anemic” and he looks “confused, addled, over-briefed, and clearly past his expiration date.” Agree. Plus he would have a corruption factor that would mitigate the made-up stuff on Trump.

• Elizabeth Warren is “unelectable” in November 2020. “She’s a supercilious, smug, know-it-all Massachusetts liberal who reveals contempt for the deplorables the way Clinton did last time. The ‘first woman of color’ to get hired as a professor at Harvard Law School is the stuff that GOP dreams are made of.” Further, Warren said on CNN townhall, that in her administration, her Secretary of Education essentially “would have to be approved by a transgender 9-year-old boy, she’s placing herself firmly inside a cultural revolution most Americans are deeply uncomfortable with.” Agree. She is way outside the mainstream, plus she’s not genuine — a sharp contrast to Trump. Read the rest HERE.

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