Roger Stone Says You’re ‘Naive’ If You Think A Trump Senate Acquittal Is Automatic. Here’s Why He May Be Right

by Scott Morefield

Even with the American people pretty much divided along party lines on whether or not President Donald Trump deserves to be impeached and removed from office for the non-crime of asking the president of Ukraine to investigate a possible crime, Trump supporters haven’t seemed to be really all that worried about the prospect. That’s probably because of the widespread belief that, regardless of what the Democratic-controlled House does, the Senate, firmly in the hands of the venerable Cocaine Mitch’s GOP, would easily vote to acquit the president.

And those who want to see Trump removed wouldn’t just need a simple majority, something that could be obtained even without the votes of RINO squishes like Romney, Collins, and Murkowski, but a SUPER majority, or 67 senators. In other words, 20, yes 20 Republican senators would have to defect and vote to remove Trump in order to make it happen.

So we’re safe, right? … Right??

Uh, not so fast! At least that’s what embattled Trump confidante Roger Stone says, warning Trump via a Friday media interview to take the ongoing impeachment inquiry “very seriously” and not to assume an automatic Senate acquittal.

The former Trump associate speculated that “wobbly Republican senators” could vote against the president unless pressure from their constituents is brought to bear.

“I think that those who sit back and say, ‘Well, the House may impeach the president, but surely the Republican Senate will never convict him,’ I think are being naive,” said Stone, adding that Trump is “in for an incredible fight” because the media and the “two-party duopoly” is against him and hope the attacks against him “will wear his support down in the states where there are wobbly Republican senators, so they feel comfortable voting for his removal.”[Bold type, mine] Read the rest HERE.

Please contact your senators by phone and email and tell them to STOP THIS IMPEACHMENT WITCH-HUNT NOW.

Contact your senators here:  Sen. Marco RubioSen. Rick Scott.

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    I’ve sent messages to Rubio and Scott strongly urging them to SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP!

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