No ‘Mr. Nice Guy’

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2 Responses to No ‘Mr. Nice Guy’

  1. The Flash says:

    Knowing he was going to meet with SO much resistance, which was obvious after the election, Trump should have come out blasting from the beginning, instead of what he did, which was almost nothing. He should have immediately fired all Obama appointees in key positions, fired Comey, fired Obama-appointed US attorneys, instituted his policies wholesale across the board, issued executive orders to get things done (like Obama did), etc. At that time, he majorities in BOTH Houses for support. In this fashion, he would have given the Democrats so many battles and fronts to fight on, they wouldn’t have had time for all their nonsense, He should have come out swinging on Day One, then we lost the House. Imagine how much could have gotten accomplished if he had done that!

  2. Joe Z says:

    Flash, many great points. Looks like Trump has dropped to third place as who would be best as our president. I would rank the candidates as follows: First, Me (yep, I’m biased here.) Two, The Flash. Three, Trump.

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