Campaign 2020: Election Day is a Full Year Away, but Democrats’ Crazy is Already Out of Control

by Bob Taylor

CHARLOTTE, NC – To paraphrase Forrest Gump, “Crazy is as crazy does.” As we watch the increasingly frantic anti-Trump antics on Capitol Hill, we can clearly see that the donkeys ruling the house couldn’t be any crazier. But come this time next year, the Democrats will stop singing their “Impeachment Donkey Serenade” as an already exhausting Campaign 2020 finally concludes.

At that point, they’ll take an entire day off from making total and complete asses of themselves to pull the predictable levers on their one-armed bandit voting machines. Later that evening, they’ll watch their friends at CNN to see whether their four-year anti-Trump fake national crisis gamble actually paid off.

Come to think about it, for the Dems to only take one day off would be something short of a miracle.

Truth be told, they haven’t done a day’s honest work for their constituents in three years. So why not go for four and make it a clean sweep? Read the rest HERE.

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