Democrats Better Wake Up and Smell What They’re Shoveling

On Saturday’s Fox News program, Justice With Judge Jeanine, President Trump’s Deputy Press Secretary, Hogan Gidley discusses the Impeachment Hoax with Judge Jeanine. Following is the transcript of this clip:

Judge Jeanine: President Trump continues to slam the Democrats’ ridiculous impeachment hoax.  Tweeting today…

President Trump’s tweet: I recommend that nervous Nancy Pelosi, (who backed up shift’s lie),  Shifty Adam Schiff, Sleepy Joe Biden, the Whistleblower, (who miraculously disappeared after I released the transcript of the call), the 2nd Whistleblower (who also disappeared), and the I.G. be part of the list!

Judge Jeanine: Joining me now with more, White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley. OK, what do you think the chances are of Shifty Adam Schiff saying you’re right Mr. President. Let’s make them part of the list? I give you approval.

Hogan Gidley: Probably zero, but they ought to be on that list. Absolutely. I mean listen the fact that the media is giving it any credence or credibility to Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi at this point is absolutely ridiculous. Listen, they lied about collusion, they lied about Kavanagh, they lied about a cover-up, Adam Schiff lied about a whistleblower. In fact, he lied to Congress and to the American people when he read his own demented and deranged words and tried to pass them off as those of the President of the United States. It’s insane what this man has done and quite frankly the Democrats better wake up and smell what they’re shoveling because the American people deserve a congress that works for them.


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  1. Joe Z says:

    Millions and millions of American tax dollars continue to be wasted perpetuating this totally ludicrous fraud.

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