Pelosi Thinks Trump is an Insecure Impostor

The following two sentence quote is from the above video: “I think part of it, is his own insecurity, as an impostor. I think he knows full well that he’s in that office way over his head, and so he has to diminish everyone else.”

WOW, an impostor? An impostor? In that office way over his head? Nancy Pelosi has just let the cat out of the old bag. Because Donald Trump is not an establishment, RINO Republican, or a Democrat, or a Deep State bureaucrat, he’s an impostor. And in over his head? Well, click on the link below of President Donald Trump’s accomplishments since he took office. Then you decide for yourself whether or not he’s in that office way over his headTrump Administration Accomplishments

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  1. Joe Z says:

    Talking about impostors (also imposters), I tried to buy an item online today and discovered that apparently since November 1st, 2019, all Florida online purchases will now tack on a Florida sales tax. In my case that is 7%. Therefore, I did NOT buy the item. So much for our “conservative” Governor Ron DeSantis. He now allows this TAX to burden Floridians. Also, to my knowledge, DeSantis hasn’t done much to eliminate voter fraud in Florida either. If we lose Florida due to voter fraud, we lose the country. For all he’s doing for Florida, Establishment Republicrat DeSantis can take his Harvard law degree and stuff it.

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