Nolte: ‘Regular Diplomatic Channels’ Make a Mockery of the Constitution

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by John Nolte

The mantra coming out of these stupid impeachment hearings is that one of President Trump’s crimes was ignoring “regular diplomatic channels.”

Between the Democrats, their Sergeant Schultz witnesses (I see nutzing! I see nutzing first or even secondhand! I see nutzinggggg!), and their media allies, is to create the impression Trump was doing something illegal and unethical when he ignored these “regular diplomatic channels.”

This is what we call gaslighting, this is where America’s coup plotters in the Deep State and media attempt to fool us into believing the following: it is illegal for the president to put in place his own foreign policy.

The truth is this, at least to those of us who still revere the Constitution: there is only ONE “regular diplomatic channel,” and that is whatever the hell the president says it is. And when a bunch of unelected bureaucrats, like these crybabies witnesses (who witnessed nothing), accuse the president of ignoring “regular diplomatic channels” it is they who are making a mockery of the Constitution, it is they who are engaging in treasonous behavior, it is they putting themselves and their illegal “regular diplomatic channels” above the law.

It comes down to this…

Either voters get to choose who governs us, or unelected Deep State bureaucrats accountable to no one decide how we are governed. Read the rest HERE.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    For the past three years we’ve seen that our votes mean nothing to the DemocRats, lefty media and the Deep State. I’m beginning to think that AG Barr is going to do nothing to put the lefty lawbreakers in prison. We really need an AG who will prosecute these dirt bags.

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