Mark Levin on the Impeachment Hoax: “Life, Liberty and Levin”

On Sunday’s edition of Life, Liberty and Levin, host Mark Levin explains the “impeachment hoax” as no one else can. He begins with the following where he outlines his background and credentials:

Hello America. I’m Marc Levin. This is Life, Liberty, and Levin, a big time special edition.

The Democrats are “up-Schifts Creek.” Now before we start, I noticed all the witnesses and even the witnesses who aren’t witnesses have to prove to you that they’re noble, courageous and beyond reproach. Well let me give it a try, cuz the New York Times likes to refer to me as “oh that right-wing radio host.”

You know my grandfather, my mother’s father served in the United States Marine Corps. He joined the Marine Corps after we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. Hr was 34 years old, had reached a limit and he fought at Iwo Jima and he fought at Guam. He joined the military the same time as his brother-in-law, my great uncle Teddy. He fought at Guadalcanal. My father was 17 at the time. Again after we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, he joined the army and then later the Army Air Corps, 17 years old. My father, well as a young man he grew up in a very, very, very poor environment. They lived about a mile away from a cigar factory and after my dad would go to elementary school, he’d go down to the Saquara factory and work till midnight because the family needed money, and he would join the assembly line with his mother, my grandmother Sarah. My ancestors came from Russia and Ukraine, so that either means I’m bipartisan or I’m a suspect, I don’t know. I have no particular love for either country. I have love for this country.

Now I served eight years in the Reagan administration, several years at the highest levels of the government, including chief of staff to the Attorney General of the United States. My college, I graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude. I graduated from law school when I was 22 years old. The New York Times likes to refer to me as a right-wing radio host. Well this right-wing radio host wants to unravel this attack on our society, this attack on our Constitution, this attack on our president and I want you to understand somebody, as somebody who has studied the Constitution American history and impeachment for decades. Unlike any legal analyst or journalist on TV today: What the Democrats are doing to this president has never been done to another president in American history…

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