Matt Gaetz Nukes Democrat Witnesses at Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

by Kristina Wong

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) nuked Democrat witnesses during the House Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment inquiry hearing on Wednesday in a fiery round of questioning that exposed their bias against President Trump and Republicans.

Gaetz also got the witnesses, all constitutional law professors, to admit they donated thousands of dollars to Democrats.

Gaetz first asked Michael Gerhardt, professor at University of North Carolina, if he donated money to Barack Obama. Gerhardt responded, “My family did, yes.”

Gaetz asked, “Four times?” Gerhardt responded, “That sounds about right, yes.”

Gaetz then pointed out that witness Noah Feldman, professor at Harvard Law School, had written articles entitled: “Trump’s Wiretap Tweets Raise Risk of Impeachment” and “Mar-a-Lago Ad Belongs in Impeachment File.” Gaetz also noted that Feldman was the subject of an article that said, “A Harvard law professor thinks Trump could be impeached over fake news accusations.”


Gaetz continued:

And let the record reflect, no personal knowledge of a single fact and you know what, that continues on the tradition that we saw from Adam Schiff. Where Ambassador [Bill] Taylor could not identify an impeachable offense. Mr. [George] Kent never met with the president. Fiona Hill never heard the president reference anything regarding military aid. Mr. [David] Hale was unaware of any nefarious with aid. Col. [Alex] Vindman even rejected the Democrat talking point that bribery was invoked here.

Ambassador [Kurt] Volker denied that there was a quid pro quo and Mr. Morrison said there was nothing wrong on the call. The only direct evidence came from Gordon Sondland who spoke to the president of the United States and the president said “I want nothing. No quid pro quo.”

And you know, if wiretapping is an impeachment offense, I look forward to the inspector general’s report because maybe it’s a different president we should be impeaching.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    Looks like a great presidential ticket in 2024 could be Jim Jordan (Ohio) for president and Matt Gaetz (Florida) for vice president. If we could lock up Ohio and Florida early in 2024, we would have a very good chance to win.

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