AG Barr Hits Back At Comey’s ‘Nonsense’…

…making Brennan & the other coup plotters lose sleep at night.

In a recent interview AG William Barr refutes former FBI Director James Comey’s previous statements. “The idea that this was 7 levels below him is simply not true.”

H/T: DailyCaller

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2 Responses to AG Barr Hits Back At Comey’s ‘Nonsense’…

  1. The Flash says:

    WHY are we not seeing CRIMINAL investigations into all these bad actors – Comey, Brennan, Clinton, etc.??? Why is Trump sitting on his hands? Why is he NOT fulfilling his promise to “drain the swamp?”

  2. Joe Z says:

    When AG Barr puts lawbreakers in the slammer I’ll begin to believe in him. Until then, I’ll call him Candy Barr. Candy Barr is beginning to look like just another foot-dragging, do-nothing typical Trump pick. Going forward, let’s all direct our comments not only to CSP but to Barr, Trump and DeSantis as well. If a few thousand or a few hundred thousand of us do this, this sad situation would change…toot sweet. We only have 10 months to turn this foot dragging around. Let’s start NOW!!!

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