Pollak: Media, Tech Self-Censorship Over ‘Whistleblower’ Marks Death of Free Press in United States

Blindfold Censor Free Press

by Joel B. Pollak

The United States of America no longer has a free press as of December 2019.

Press freedom was already in danger, as Mark Levin noted, as journalists became political activists in the Obama era, and feuded with the president in the Trump era. But press freedom could have thrived in a more openly partisan marketplace of ideas. In the end, press freedom was killed by the press itself, in the decision not to report the name of the so-called “whistleblower” in the impeachment crisis.

His name — which Breitbart News published after it was first revealed by RealClearInvestigations — is no mystery. Apparently, his identity was the worst-kept secret in Washington, D.C. The Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) concluded in September that the “whistleblower,” a CIA employee, had shown “political bias,” and favored “a rival political candidate,” most likely former Vice President Joe Biden, for whom he reportedly worked.

The “whistleblower” triggered a process that could still lead to the ouster of the president. (His own lawyer, Mark S. Zaid, called for a “coup,” via impeachment, in January 2017, shortly after Trump had taken office.) Read the rest HERE.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    The Politburo has determined you are not allowed to face your accuser, comrade. Pure and simple, this is more DemocRAT crap.

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