Pollak: Welcome to 2020, the Year of the Good Fight

by Joel B. Pollak

The year 2020 begins with incredible potential for supporters of President Donald Trump — and for America’s renaissance.

The economy is roaring. The country is about to sign trade deals with our North American partners and with China; another deal with a post-Brexit Great Britain is likely.

The world is safer. ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. The “Christmas gift” threatened by North Korea failed to materialize. Iran is using its proxies to attack the U.S. in Iraq — but the regime is facing new protests.

At home, health insurance prices have stabilized, the price of prescription drugs is falling, and there is hope for curing diseases like HIV/Aids. Fuel is still cheap, and promising breakthroughs are happening in nuclear energy.

The Constitution has, arguably, been saved by Trump’s judicial appointments. He has restocked the federal judiciary with highly qualified constitutional conservatives, including one-fourth of the entire appellate bench.

Democrats, meanwhile, are struggling to sustain the idea that America needs radical change, and to convince the country of the farcical idea that Trump is somehow an imminent threat to the security and welfare of the country.

They have offered up the weakest field of presidential contenders in decades, and have backed themselves into a corner with an impeachment that cannot result in Trump’s removal. Read the rest HERE.


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