Warren: Good Guys Shouldn’t Carry Guns Either (Really?)

After a concealed carrier saved the West Freeway Baptist Church, Senator Warren was questioned about allowing universal concealed carry. Her answer is still a hard no, citing that she “doesn’t feel safe.”

Hat tip: TheDC Shorts

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1 Response to Warren: Good Guys Shouldn’t Carry Guns Either (Really?)

  1. Joe Z says:

    Throughout America and the rest of the world good guys with guns successfully defend themselves on a daily basis. However, we rarely see or read about these incidents in the lefty media. Little Chief Run Amok is protected by guys with guns and our tax dollars pay for it. I doubt if her clapping, trained seals (aka supporters) have even thought about this. Nahhh. That would require them to think and that’s the LAST thing a true lefty wants to do. It’s so much easier to just blame Trump for any and all of the world’s problems.

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