Mark Levin Gives His Take on the Senate’s Marathon Schiff Show

Constitutional expert and  radio and television host was on Sean Hannity’s TV show on Thursday, and he gave his take on the marathon sham impeachment trial taking place in the US Senate. A brief excerpt of the transcript follows:

…Potter Stewart was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and they had ruled on this issue of pornography and he was asked what’s the definition of pornography and he said I don’t know it, but I know it when I see it. Well abuse of power, what’s the definition of abuse of power no standards it’s whatever the Democrats say it’s their pornography and Adam Schiff is the pornographer. Abuse of power, it just means whatever the Democrats say it means. There’s no standard, there there’s no definition. In all these hours, all this talk they have not explained. Forget about Trump. What’s the definition of abuse of power? Because every president has theoretically abused power: Lincoln Washington, Jefferson…

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  1. Joe Z says:

    The only campaign of pressure has been the lefty media and the DemocRATS (same thing) attacking Trump 24-7 for over three years.

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