Who Needs Democrats? Florida Bloomberg Republicans Pass Gun Control Out of Legislative Committee

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by Daniel Horowitz

In case you thought Democrat control of Congress was the only thing standing in the way of conservative governance, take a look at what Republicans do even when they control all three branches in the state of Florida. Support for the Second Amendment and the understanding that criminal control, not gun control, is the key to public safety used to be universal Republican principles, dating back to the Reagan era. Evidently, not any more, with the likes of Florida state Senator Bill Galvano.

Rather than target known criminals with tougher anti-crime laws, Florida Senate’s Infrastructure and Security Committee unanimously passed SB 7028, a bill that will require private gun sales to include massive documentation, verification, and red tape. This casts a wide net on a protected constitutional right; already-burdened gun collectors and enthusiasts are going to have to spend even more money buying and selling guns.

The mastermind of the bill is Senate President Bill Galvano, the lead Republican in the state Senate. Galvano proudly accepted $500,000 from Mike Bloomberg’s anti-Second Amendment political action committee to promote gun control on his behalf in the Sunshine State.

The bill, now headed to the judiciary committee, also contains a provision requiring private gun owners to secure guns in their own homes against children under 18, raising that age from 16 under current law. Read the rest HERE.

Listen: Sen Keith Perry with Bob Rose on firearms-sale clause in Senate public safety bill.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    Why in the world would you vote for this disaster at all? I tried to make sense of Keith’s radio conversation but it just made no sense to me. Courtesy vote? What is that?

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