Judge Jeanine’s Opening Statement: Mitt Romney: ‘How About You Get the Hell Out of the United States Senate?’


In her opening statement on her weekly Fox News program, Justice With Judge Jeanine, the judge talked about the difference between leaders and wannabees. She used an example of a non-leader, and as I would say, the wannabe-in-chief, or the RINO-in-Chief, Mitt Romney. She goes on in brilliant detail for about nine minutes. The last minute or so is excerpted below:

I’ve got news for you. You’ve got no moves left. At your request, Donald Trump supported you in 2012 and 2018. And like a snake in the grass, you turned on him. I have an idea: you need to be removed from office. How about you get the hell out of the United States Senate?

The people in Utah are furious with you. And your dream of endearing yourself to the Trump hating left is a joke.

So Mitt, pack your bags, take some time off and ride around with your dog on the roof of your car like you did when you used to vacation with your family. And don’t forget: when you lie with dogs you get fleas. But that’ll never be as bad as the stain you have forged upon, whatever legacy you think you have. And that’s my open.

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