Time for Trump to Get His Godfather On

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

by Kurt Schlichter

With Democrat dreams of a soft coup now a heap of smoldering wreckage, and no need to play Mr. Nice Guy to please prissy softcons on Capitol Hill, President Trump is finally free to channel his inner Michael Corleone. It’s about time to re-christen Don Jr., and use that opportunity to take out the heads of the five families.

Trump already tossed mealy-mouthed ambassador Gordon Sondland out on his Nadler. Then military Twitter started buzzing with delight – well, not Blue Falcon Twitter but the one with vets who aren’t half-stepping weasels – at the news of That’s Lieutenant Colonel to You Bratwurst and his brother Other That’s Lieutenant Colonel to You Bratwurst being marched out of the West Wing with their all stuff, probably mostly Doritos and Mounds bars, in bankers’ boxes. About time – these doofuses may fool the establishment civilians but not the vets. We all served with their likes, and the fact these guys get celebrated by our feckless elite is not unrelated to the fact that our military has not decisively won a war in 30 years.

This long overdue purge needs to be just the beginning. Read the rest HERE.

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3 Responses to Time for Trump to Get His Godfather On

  1. Joe Z says:

    Trump is finally beginning to do what he should have done three years ago. Now, 400,000 to go and he should have it about right. Eliminate government employee unions and that 400,000 figure might actually be possible.

  2. The Flash says:

    I’m still baffled as to why Trump did NOT start “draining the swamp” when he first took office. His FIRST order of business should have been to remove ALL Obama appointees in critical positions. You can’t possibly run an effective administration with traitors in your camp. I was shocked that a somewhat ruthless businessman like Trump didn’t immediately do what was necessary. I’ve always been disappointed in him for not doing this, especially since it was his rallying cry during the campaign.

  3. The Flash says:

    Already, one of my idiot liberal neighbors put out a sign in his yard saying, “Impeach Trump AGAIN!” While I like a certain balance in the House and the Senate, we REALLY need to get the more radical Democrats OUT. If we can do that, the less radical Dems will be less likely to become radicalized.

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