Empowered Trump Loyalist Asks for List of Never Trumpers in the President’s Cabinet

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

by Charlie Spiering

John McEntee, the new head of President Donald Trump’s Presidential Personnel Office (PPO), asked White House staff to list “anti-Trump” political appointees in the administration.

McEntee met with White House cabinet liaisons on Thursday to request a list, according to three sources familiar with the meeting who spoke to Axios reporter Jonathan Swan.

Trump enters the next phase of his presidency determined to root out disloyalty in the administration, and McEntee’s return demonstrates his commitment to the task.

McEntee is now in charge of political appointments to the administration, and the president has empowered him to remove the Trump appointees who are blocking his agenda and even working against him. Read the rest HERE.

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1 Response to Empowered Trump Loyalist Asks for List of Never Trumpers in the President’s Cabinet

  1. Joe Z says:

    This should have been done three years ago. I’m wondering when Betsy DeVos, our Secretary of Socialist and Communist Education, is going to get the boot. If the DOE isn’t completely shut down,
    Trump’s long-term legacy will be pretty much meaningless. The DOE is a cancer that pumps out more and more socialists and communists year after year at EVERY level of education. Apparently, a group called USPIE has produced a documentary titled Truth and Lies in American Education. I can’t wait to view this movie.

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