Coronavirus: The Left Goes Viral

Just when some people think they can’t go any lower, the Left is trying to panic Americans over the Coronavirus in order to smear Trump. In an op-ed that appeared in the once great, but now fake news, New York Times, the writer even called it the Trumpvirus.

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2 Responses to Coronavirus: The Left Goes Viral

  1. The Flash says:

    Why is ANYONE surprised? This is just a standard page in the liberal playbook – “Never let a ‘crisis’ go to waste!”

  2. Joe Z says:

    Pence isn’t qualified? Who is? Crazy Bernie? Pelosi? AOC? Oh, wait a minute, those are just three of the lunatic DemocRATS who want to throw our borders wide open to any illegal person or any illegal drug or any disease. As usual, the lefties dream up any BS and blame Trump for every problem on this planet.

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