Some Thought Democrats Would Pause Their ‘Politics of Hate’ and Rally Around President Trump After his Speech – NOT

Here are some examples. These are all from Breitbart News, but they are everywhere:

Sanders: Because of Trump’s Incompetence Coronavirus Deaths May Exceed WWII Rates

Biden: Calling Coronavirus ‘Foreign Virus’ Is ‘Xenophobic,’ Blasts Europe Travel Ban

White House Report: Nancy Pelosi Pressed to Include Taxpayer Funding of Abortion in Coronavirus Stimulus

Joe Biden to Fight Coronavirus by Rejoining Paris (Fake) Climate Treaty

Bernie Sanders Calls for Trump to Be Replaced on Coronavirus by Congress and ‘Experts’

Bernie Sanders: U.S. Faces ‘Severe Disadvantage’ to Battle Coronavirus Without Medicare for All

AOC: Coronavirus Response Should Include ‘No-Strings’ Universal Basic Income Program

Joe Biden Blasts Trump Admin for ‘Colossal’ Failure, Demands Millions of Tests


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