Watch: Auto Worker Calls Out Joe Biden for Wanting to Take ‘AR-14s’

by AWR Hawkins

The Michigan auto worker whom Joe Biden accused of being “full of sh*t” is pointing out that Biden wants to take away “AR-14s.”

The auto worker, Jerry Wayne, said, “Joe Biden wants to take my AR-14,” then added, “Let’s just not tell him what it really is.”

Wayne, shooting an AR-15 with the words, “You’re Full of Sh*t” etched on the side, commented on Biden’s comments to him, saying, “At one point, he asked me if I wanted to go outside.” Wayne responded by saying, “Why Joe, to smell all the freedom?”

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1 Response to Watch: Auto Worker Calls Out Joe Biden for Wanting to Take ‘AR-14s’

  1. Joe Z says:

    It’s time for Sleazy Joe, Crooked Hunter and Beto to go house to house and collect all of those AR-14s. They can carry all of them off with a teacup and still have room for tea. Can you say brain dead?

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