New York City is Lying About Chinese Virus Death Rates

by Matthew Vadum

The mass hysteria over COVID-19 in the U.S. is driven in large measure by misleading statistics and bad math about the disease’s body count.

Now that New York has become the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, we are now regularly inundated on cable TV news with the latest pandemic statistics from the city.  The statistics grow gloomier by the hour.

These figures have frightened people into submission as state and local governments across America enact repressive measures they say are necessary to contain the virus or slow its proliferation.

After doing everything in their power to oust President Donald Trump, journalists and others are now calling him a weakling for supposedly not doing enough, while they demand an unprecedented nationwide crackdown [Bold type: Mine].

The problem starts with the fact that the highly influential statistics from the Big Apple paint a false picture of what is actually happening. Read tghe rest HERE.

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1 Response to New York City is Lying About Chinese Virus Death Rates

  1. jane public says:

    the low informed american public does not understand a constitutional republic form of government and the role of the federal seat in this crisis. most socialist states and cities are seeing the results of this form of government. they spent their funds on socialist programs, illegal foreign nationals and support for emergency management is not there. Blame state and local officials for dereliction
    of duty and impeach them.

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