Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Full Interview on ‘Life Liberty & Levin’ Sunday, April 12th, 2020

On Sunday television program, Life Liberty and Levin, Mark interviews Florida governor Ron DeSantis to discuss Florida’s response to the coronavirus. He begins:

You know, we have a lot of states in this country, and I just wanted to remind everybody we have more than one governor in America. There’s a big state called Florida that has an awful lot of people. It’s got a diverse population, has a lot of senior citizens in that state too, and I wanted to get with my friend governor Ron DeSantis to see how they’re managing the virus, how they’re managing their economy and how they’re managing that state…

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3 Responses to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Full Interview on ‘Life Liberty & Levin’ Sunday, April 12th, 2020

  1. Susan Baird says:

    The President of the United States must and should open up all states and government agencies. The Democratic terrorist party wants America to fail and fall to bankruptcy and to China. The Democratic terrorist politicians are working with China I believe to oust President TrumpAnd to ruin the United States dollar and every American citizen this must not of happened. American citizens should march on Washington DC using their first and second amendment rights every step of the way. Defend against the Democratic terrorist politicians in Washington DC. They’re killing our country. God bless America, God bless President Trump.

  2. JOHN says:


  3. B. Hall says:

    We dodged such a horrendous bullet by electing Ron DeSantis as our Florida Gov. !!
    SO proud of him !!

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