Battle Lines Drawn: Texas Opts for Liberty, While Washington State Makes Liberty Illegal

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by Jeff Reynolds

Pay attention, as today marks a pivotal point in American history as we struggle to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. Several states have banded together to oppose President Trump’s framework for getting America back to work, while other states have shown a willingness to protect individual liberty and the livelihoods of Americans. No two states demonstrate this stark contrast better than Texas and Washington.

On the same day, Gov. Inslee (D-Wash.) and Gov. Abbott (R-Texas) issued statements that display the fundamental question facing America. Shall the United States remain a nation founded on liberty, or shall we capriciously remove those rights as an exercise to increase the power of the state? Read the rest HERE.

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1 Response to Battle Lines Drawn: Texas Opts for Liberty, While Washington State Makes Liberty Illegal

  1. The Flash says:

    You won’t meet anyone who is a bigger believer in individual liberty AND, just as important, individual responsibility, than your’s truly. That said, we have all seen thousands of irresponsible people putting others at risk for their own “liberty”. I’ve always said that YOUR rights END when they infringe on MY rights. My right to LIVE trumps ALL of your political rights, just as your right to live trumps my political rights. We should not be fighting about political philosophy while people are at risk of dying. That’s the highest form of conceit. This is NOT an argument over philosophy or rights, for some of our most vulnerable citizens, it’s about life or death. Sadly, I’m seeing far too many conservatives on the wrong side of this argument.

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