NYT’s Poor Defense for Delaying Biden Accuser’s Story

Cartoon credit: Chip Bok

By Mark Hemingway

Twitter sage and satirist Iowahawk once summed up the widely shared frustration with the media by noting, “Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.”

Apparently, New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet doesn’t get the joke. Over Easter weekend, and four days after Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democratic primary, the New York Times finally published a story on the sexual assault allegations against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The allegations have been all over the Internet since March 25. Tara Reade, who worked for Biden when he was a senator, alleges that in 1993 Biden pushed her up against a wall and digitally penetrated her without her consent, while telling her, “Come on man, I thought you liked me.” Read the rest HERE.

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