Nolte: CNN Stages Chris Cuomo’s Phony Exit from Basement Quarantine

Photo credit: CNN

by John Nolte

In the annals of propaganda, CNNLOL’s cynical and dishonest attempt to turn Chris Cuomo into some kind of selfless coronavirus folk hero is the fake newsiest fake news in all of Fakenewsdom.

Late last month, Cuomo announced he tested positive for the coronavirus and would continue to bravely host his basement-rated CNNLOL program — his hour of lies and anti-Trump propaganda and encouragement of political violence — while remaining selflessly quarantined in his basement.

So, for the last few weeks — and to the surprise of no one — Chris Cuomo made the show all about Chris Cuomo, all about his selflessness in agreeing to remain in his basement as a means to protect his wife, kids, and society at large.

He has also raged against those who violate their state’s stay-at-home orders.

Thus, with great fanfare Monday night, he walked up a flight of stairs, gushing how grateful he was to finally get out of that basement and see his family! Read the rest HERE.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    Anyone with any common sense has “quarantined” (turned off) the Communist News Network many years ago.

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