‘Oilrona’ Virus

AOC Cheers Oil Crash, “You absolutely love to see it” Then Deletes tweet.

U.S. oil futures, known as West Texas Intermediate or WTI, traded negative for the first time in history. It means that, for a while anyway, oil was less than worthless. Those holding the oil would have to pay for storage, just as one has to pay a garbage man to take away garbage.

This all came about due to an oil glut and lack of consumption, thanks to the coronavirus shut down as well as the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia. The latter in particular would like to see US oil companies shut down and or go bankrupt. That would mean more American lost jobs, more defaults on mortgages and bank loans. It might also mean lower gasoline prices, but not many are driving right now because too many jobs have been cancelled. Read the rest HERE.

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