Governments Rake in Millions in coronavirus Fines, de Blasio’s Snitch Line Spells Dollar Signs

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by Tom Tilison

Turns out, violating coronavirus restrictions has proven to be a lucrative industry for the country of Romania, which has made millions in handing out strict fines over the past month.

In fact, the country has raked in $85 million between March 24 and April 19, with a total of 200,000 fines being issued, Fox News reported — an amount that equals the money Romania collected in February from corporate tax.

And suddenly, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “snitch line” takes on a whole other meaning. Read the rest HERE.

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Yana Paskova/Getty

by John Nolte

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “snitch line” has been forced to shut down because America is still America and the blowback was freakin’ awesome.

Oftentimes we use George Orwell’s seminal novel 1984 as a metaphor for something we don’t like, a metaphor for government overreach and the like. In this case, a metaphor is not necessary. Thanks to Comrade de Blasio, we are now allowed to use the word “literally” while referencing 1984, as in de Blasio is literally embracing 1984’s villainous Big Brother by literally asking Americans to snitch on their fellow Americans — to call the police should a friend or neighbor go for a walk, or something.

On Saturday, de Blasio unveiled his NYC311 system to encourage New Yorkers to snitch on outlaw New Yorkers for violating the state’s stay-at-home and social distancing rules.

The response was glorious. Read the rest HERE.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    Comrade De Blasio and the rest of those power-crazy DemocRAT mayors and governors need to be thrown into the slammer for violating the rights of the American people.

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