“Textile Neck” – Adam Schiff Wears Mask Under his Chin

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4 Responses to “Textile Neck” – Adam Schiff Wears Mask Under his Chin

  1. Howard Leinart says:

    ” The mask directs my voice back to me and I can hear how stupid I sound”

  2. George H Edwards says:

    Nobody accused him of being smart, did they>

  3. The Flash says:

    So, when he’s speaking to the House, just WHO is within six feet of his mouth? No one. This is a nothing-burger. There’s enough seriously stupid stuff that this man does that we don’t need to be this petty. Leave pettiness like this to the liberals – they’re known for it. We shouldn’t be.

  4. jqb says:

    how else is pencil neck going to get his cranium up Pelosi’s anus?

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