PC Gone Mad! San Antonio City Council Bans Term Chinese Virus as Hate Speech

by Faye Higbee

This is proof that the China Virus warps politicians’ brains. In San Antonio, Texas: A resolution by the San Antonio city council bans the use of the terms “Chinese virus, Wuhan Virus, or Kung Fu Virus” and calls them “hate speech.” (Even though it IS a Chinese virus, and originated in Wuhan, China.) It passed unanimously on Thursday. They have reportedly had numerous hate crimes against Asians since the pandemic began, so they’ve instituted a hate speech resolution that claims the virus was not created by any race, nationality, or ethnicity. San Antonio Bans Chinese Virus

“Unfortunately, during times of crisis we do see the best of humanity and sometimes we also see the worst. There has been a rise of hate speech throughout the course of this pandemic.” Mayor  Ron Nirenberg

The resolution also includes any anti-Semitic speech against Jews, because there have been incidents of people blaming them for the COVID-19 outbreak, but it doesn’t ban the phrases Jewish guilt, or Jews harp.  Well actually Jews didn’t invent guilt, the Catholics did, we just learned to market it better. Read the rest HERE.

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