Police State in the Name of Global Warming

On Saturday’s Justice With Judge Jeanine, constitutionalist and founder of Prager University gave his take on how the “lockdown” response to the COVID-19 pandamic has caused us to lose out liberty, maybe permantly if we are not careful.

The Democratic Party is no longer liberal. It is leftist. And one of the distinguishing distinct distinctions between left and liberal, is the attitude toward the free market. The left has never embraced it. And the Liberals always embraced it. So there’s one other thing that you said that I smiled when you said it a distinguishing feature between conservative and left is the
moment I hear somebody asked the question you asked: Gee what are the consequences? I know I’m talking to a conservative.

There is no asking on the left: Gee what are the consequences? What are the consequences of closing down the economy of the world, and by the way it was also done – by, by non leftist. I fully acknowledge and, a liberal regime in Sweden did not do it. I never thought I would say God bless Sweden, but I do now.

If there is a second wave will be the most prepared society for a second wave in the world. And how do you think this ends I’ve only got ten seconds when is this going to be over yes it’s not going to be over once you get away with authoritarian practices they will be repeated. This is a, this is a dress rehearsal for a police state in the name of global warming.

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