Tom Cotton: My Op-Ed ‘Far Exceeded’ NY Times Standards Which Is Usually Sophomoric, Left-Wing Drivel

by Jeff Poor

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) rejected The New York Times’ claim his op-ed calling for the use of troops to quell some of the unrest in America’s cities as not meeting the standards of the newspaper.

During an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” the Arkansas Republican Senator compared his work to other items published on the pages of the Times.

“I will say, my op-ed didn’t meet the Times’ standards,” he said. “It far exceeded their standards, which is usually sophomoric, left-wing drivel. But here’s what happened behind the scenes. Last weekend, we saw rioting, rooting, really anarchy, and insurrection on our streets. In Washington, D.C., seven days ago, a famous church was torched, memorials were desecrated, stores were looted. And I said simply last Monday that, if the local police are overwhelmed by the numbers of these insurrectionists, if they need support from the National Guard, or, if necessary, as a last resort, federal troops, under the Insurrection Act, then that’s exactly what has to happen.” Read the rest HERE.

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