Mark Levin Calls Out Joe Biden – ‘Lunch Bucket Joe’

I want to turn to Joe Biden. He wants to be your president. He’s a comic book figure. He’s an embarrassment.

The Democrat party has done the nation a grave disservice. His background of thirty six years in the Senate is a disgusting hodgepodge of self-serving legislation and promotion. He’s an unaccomplished vice president. He can barely complete a sentence, even with notes. His abets: Oh no, that’s Joe, that’s “Lunch Bucket Joe.” No, that’s a problem!

The Twenty Fifth Amendment is for people who become incapacitated while president. It’s not for people who are elected incapacitated in the first instance…

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1 Response to Mark Levin Calls Out Joe Biden – ‘Lunch Bucket Joe’

  1. Joe Z says:

    No Mark, the rules are completely different for DemocRATS. Actually, the lefty media use only one rule. That rule is DemocRATS are always right and Trump and conservatives are always wrong.

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