School Calls Police over Presence of BB Gun in Home During Virtual Class

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by AWR Hawkins

Police were called to a Baltimore County, Maryland, home after school personnel spotted a BB gun in the home during a virtual class session.

Fox 45 News reports that the BB gun was seen in an 11-year-old boy’s bedroom, and the boy’s mother, Courtney Lancaster, said shortly thereafter police were knocking on her door.

“I answered the door. The police officer was, he was very nice. He explained to me that he was coming to address an issue with my son’s school,” she said. “And then explained to me that he was here to search for weapons, in my home. And I consented to let him in. And then I, unfortunately, stood there and watched police officers enter my 11-year-old son’s bedroom.”

Lancaster said she was told someone had spotted the BB gun while her son had his laptop open for virtual class. Read the rest HERE.

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  1. Joe Z says:

    We need to confiscate your son’s BB gun, mam. However, it’s perfectly OK for Antifa and BLM thugs to loot and burn buildings and attack innocent people in the streets. This is how the Left spends our tax dollars. Had enough of this s**t????

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