Brave Celebrities Fearlessly Stand Up Against Racism (Sarcasm)

Source: NAACP #ITakeResponsibility Campaign via YouTube

by Kurt Schlichter

Finally, someone had the courage to say it out loud – racism is bad, and we are truly blessed that our celebrities, corporations, and politicians are willing to say so no matter what the cost.

Alvin York. [Sergeant York – WWI hero]

Audie Murphy. [To Hell and Back – WWII Hero]

That weaselly guy from Breaking Bad.

This is the pantheon of true American heroes. Except York and Murphy were much less heroic than Whatshisname, since they did not accept personal responsibility for their participation in the genocidal systems of oppression that your man-bunned TA taught you about at Goucher College. They were too busy killing krauts.

I say pull down their statues and scrub their names from history for their lack of wokeness. Read the rest HERE.


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  1. Joe Z says:

    Anyone listening to those outrageously overpaid, pampered celebrity tu*ds would have to be brain dead. Oh wait, that would be about 99% of the DemocRATS.

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